STO-Keene Development

Dear WWKCA members


As you may have heard, both the Whitestone Council, and the Parry Sound Area Planning Board, have voted to approve the proposed development (now 8 lots) in the North Lake – the “STO-Keene” development.  We are very disappointed in this decision. We support sustainable development on Lake WWK – however the approved plan includes provisions that may allow owners of these new lots to install septic leaching beds at a lower elevation from current regulations in Whitestone’s Official Plan (section 12.05 “Hazard Lands”).


As a result of this change, leaching beds could be within the floodplain of Lake WWK contrary to our Official Plan, By-laws, and the Ontario Building Code. This change was made without public consultation, as is required for Official Plan alterations. It also sets a standard that could be applied to other new developments. The new lower minimum height is such that these septic beds are highly likely to flood during the annual spring freshet. This threatens the environment of WWK and in particular the water quality of our lake, risking human, plant and animal life.


You can find a more detailed account here . You can also read about it in the Parry Sound News.  The WWKCA is continuing to work to fight this change – more updates will follow.


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