Download the entire constitution PDF format (126 KB) or browse through the table of contents below. The Constitution was amended in 2005, so you may also want to review the original constitution PDF format (110 KB).

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  1. By-Law Number 1 – A by-law relating generally to the transaction of the affairs of Lake Wah-Wash-Kesh Conservation Association
  2. Interpretation
  3. Head Office
  4. Board Of Directors
  5. Vacancies, Board Of Directors
  6. Quorum And Meeting. Board Of Directors
  7. Errors In Notice, Board Of Directors
  8. Voting, Board Of Directors
  9. Powers
  10. Remuneration Of Directors
  11. Terms Of Office
  12. Conflict Of Interest
  13. Officers Of The Corporation
  14. Removal Of Officer
  15. Duties Of The President And Vice President
  16. Duties Of The Secretary
  17. Duties Of The Treasurer
  18. Duties Of Other Officers
  19. Execution Of Documents
  20. Books And Records
  21. Standing Committees
  22. Members
  23. Dues
  24. Annual Or Other Meetings Of Members
  25. Error Or Omission In Notice
  26. Adjournment
  27. Quorum Of Members
  28. Voting At Meetings Of Members
  29. Fiscal Year
  30. Indemnification
  31. Parliamentary Authority
  32. Deposit Of Securities For Safekeeping
  33. Notice
  34. Dissolution
  35. Conflict With Other By-Laws
  36. By-Law Number 2 – A Bylaw respecting the borrowing of money by the Corporation
  37. By-Law Number 3 – A Bylaw authorizing borrowing and pledging