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2023 Memberships now available

2023 Membership Form

All are encouraged to purchase their Lake Wahwashkesh Conservation Association membership.

The Association has yearly costs that benefit us all, such as Water Quality Testing, participation in the Lake Partner Program, website, newsletter and bursaries.  Your membership in the Conservation Association creates a stronger voice for the Lake on issues that are important to residents.  As well your membership helps to promote the conservation of the natural resources of Lake Wahwashkesh, protect and improve the natural environment of the Lake for the benefit of all users, and protect and promote the property interests of landowners.

We are one Lake Wah-Wash-Kesh Community!

WWKCA Planning & Development (PAD) Report on proposed Keene Subdivision

WWKCA Members,

The Planning and Development Committee (PAD) of WWKCA has worked tirelessly over the weekend to prepare a response to the report we received on Friday regarding the revised Keene subdivision proposal. The below PAD report is attached for you. It sets out our concerns with the proposed Keene subdivision

Planning & Development (PAD) Committee Report for Presentation to Council Tuesday October 18th 

As you may know, a revised Keene subdivision proposal for the Top Lake has been submitted and will be presented before Whitestone Council on October 18th, 2022. The revisions are limited (was 9 lots, now 8 lots) and many issues highlighted by the Planning & Development Committee (PAD) of WWKCA at the council meeting on July 19th, 2022 have not been addressed.

Post July 19th Council Presentation by WWKCA Planning & Development Committee

You can view the presentation here!

Council Meeting Update (July 19th, 2022)

Friends of Wahwashkesh,

We attended the public meeting of the Municipality of Whitestone and came back with positive results! The councilors listened to our concerns regarding the Keene Proposed Subdivision on the Top Lake.

Our Concerns Included:


  • Septic/grey water systems (and hydro systems) will potentially be under water and do not appear to meet OBC requirements.
  • Buildings will be built upon stilts on land, potentially under water.
  • Subdivision partially borders the environmentally-sensitive McCormicks Pond, where there is a critical at-risk fish habitat.


  • We have many concerns with respect to emergency services, and the overcapacity of public parking / docking for Wahwashkesh that have not been addressed by the municipality. Developer Keene has acquired parking that is not practical, not usable, and has no associated docking. He admits that no one will use it.
  • The proposed subdivision clearly does not comply with the intent of the Official Plan to “preserve the natural environment while encouraging sustainable growth.”
  • We support development on Lake Wahwashkesh that is properly planned, environmentally responsible, and keeps the intent of the Official Plan. This proposed subdivision is not acceptable in its current state. This proposal is the tip of the iceberg, and has the potential to set a very poor precedent for future development.

The councilors have agreed and asked developer Keene to revise his subdivision plan to address the issues highlighted. Check back here for future updates.

Our Thanks:

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have signed the petition and encouraged others to do so. We have over 1300 signatures, with that number rapidly growing by the day. This helped demonstrate to the councilors that Wahwashkesh cottagers/ratepayers/voters do not support the current subdivision proposal.

Please keep posting your comments here, as well as emailing the municipality with your views (; It is important that they hear from you.

Also encourage others to sign the petition, every signature counts!


On April 19, 2022, the Municipality of Whitestone passed a motion to be responsible for parking at both Wah-Wash-Kesh public landings.  The Municipality will be responsible for maintenance, enforcement and collection of parking permit fees in the near future. This year, 2022, will be a transition year, as WWKCA has already begun selling permits.  Enforcement will be a joint venture in the short-term transitioning to full Municipal responsibility.  As enforcement efforts will begin this year, IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU DISPLAY YOUR 2022 PARKING PERMIT IN YOUR VEHICLE!

The Membership Certificates have been changed in an effort to cut costs.  You will be receiving an emailed letter containing the Membership certificate once the design is completed.

Thank you for continuing to support our lake!