WWKCA Planning & Development (PAD) Report on proposed Keene Subdivision

WWKCA Members,

The Planning and Development Committee (PAD) of WWKCA has worked tirelessly over the weekend to prepare a response to the report we received on Friday regarding the revised Keene subdivision proposal. The below PAD report is attached for you. It sets out our concerns with the proposed Keene subdivision

Planning & Development (PAD) Committee Report for Presentation to Council Tuesday October 18th 

As you may know, a revised Keene subdivision proposal for the Top Lake has been submitted and will be presented before Whitestone Council on October 18th, 2022. The revisions are limited (was 9 lots, now 8 lots) and many issues highlighted by the Planning & Development Committee (PAD) of WWKCA at the council meeting on July 19th, 2022 have not been addressed.